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Jan 12, 2021
I have noticed that after taking baby steps trying to get my left foot more comfortable operating a kick pedal on my new double kick that I have actually neglected foot accuracy, fluency, and clarity with my right foot too, whether playing heel down, or even heel up with slide technique when going for double strokes. I've learned since I started drumming that sitting down and practicing specific aspects of drumming one at a time can overtime heavily improve, which will improve playing around the kit too which is what we all work for when practicing exercises, so this is something I would love to find improvement on. Something that I am wondering if it is also playing into factor with this is how far I sit away from my pedals along with my throne height too. I seem to never find the exact perfect point with those if that makes sense, and not too sure if there's an angle you should go for between your hamstring and calf if that makes sense too. Sorry if that is confusing hahaha, I could just be overthinking it all too. Any tips from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks y'all and happy drumming!